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About : About Me

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT137178).

My passion to search for the answers to my numerous questions, as well as my desires to find ultimate truth and to understand the mystery of how to be happy and how to live an authentic and meaningful life led to my decision to become a therapist. My focus is on helping those who are facing struggles, making important decisions, suffering with emotional or psychological pain, or experiencing relational distress.

My Story


I was born in the Czech Republic and graduated from Masaryk University Medical School in Brno. Soon after, I moved with my husband and two small children to the United States. As our family grew, I stayed at home while raising my little ones and had to put my own professional career on hold. Once my youngest daughters entered kindergarten I returned to school and completed my Master's in counseling at John F Kennedy University.


Moving to a foreign country and restarting my life there was not easy. I recognized through my own struggles and trials how valuable, precious, beautiful, and at the same time difficult human life is. I learned that often the most difficult step for our healing is asking for help. As we have been and are hurt by past painful experiences or by painful relationships, I believe that healing comes again through relationships. Human existence is very fragile, and we need to enjoy every moment of our lives and to live according to our values.

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